2007 Exibitors

Rachel Willis
My project is made up of five flash animations looping to make one. The concept behind my project is to take five english phrases and contradict the meaning using imagery and animation. Within each of the five contradictions I will be representing social issues using words related to the original meaning.

Steph S.
The biofeedback reactive VR setup you will see is like a wall-supported table. In summary, the aim is to create more realistic virtual interaction through use of biofeedback-reactive, intuitive controls.

Phoebe Jeebe
A projected audio-visual work.
Animated line drawings of human hands conducting the emotional field through unconscious gestures and composed music.

++Maria Mantikou++
A video installation work. Abstracts of ideal utopias mixing with light projections & sound in space.

Julie Gray
Online participation and collaboration is central to my project and research work. Final show consists of narrative, animation and audio elements. The narrative is composed of selected blog entries detailing a mixture of virtual journeys, also I am working with several podcasters and video diarists, finally remixing the work into a concluding animation that illustrates and comments on our relationship with technology, specifically the Web.

Rachael Maddock
Reflections on the iconography of the mobile phone in combination with programmatic digital art techniques

Neil Bradley
4-6 looped video edited slideshows presented on a DVD...
They are intended to fall somewhere between the visual language of photographs, film & animation...
I would love to present them seperatly on wall mounted screens (like an exhibition of traditional photography with a twist) However, I'm being realistic about our limited resources and space for this show... So I think I'm going to make an interactive DVD presentation of the works, so that only one screen or projector is required and the user/viewer can select each peice to veiw in turn.

Ge Song
A video work (no audio element), which presents the various changes of ray. This video will be projected on multi-layers Transparent Screen, which be installed in dark sealed room.

If it is possble to use maybe 3 wall mounted screens for my work - it would be really wonderfull!! :) But as an onliner, I'm still unsure as to exactly what equipment is availabe to us.

Xiang Xu
Digital video practical work(3 -5series), based on my personal journey experience in London, i am going to using some motion pictures
and flash animation to fulfil my imagination and ideas.

Paul Daulby
A Materialistic look at Digital Video. Studying the process of filming a interview and the implications of using Digital Video. I have created five studies of the same interview changing editing variables for each one. They will be presented in an installation which is a recreation of the original room I filmed the Interview in. Each Study will be screened in its own Digital picture frame which will loop constantly. This installation will reflect the full circle of the filming process and this new idea that the Digital can be seen everywhere.