Steph S.
I'm pretty handy with tools, so I could help others build the exhib when I'm done with mine.
Probably, I'll be a curator/guard during much of the show. I may paper the walls of the cinema space, as well as my own space, in black.
Maria Mantikou
Im preety handy with tools as well & i wouldnt mind underataking any PR, Financial or Management roles with others as well...:)
Julie Gray
I'm good at timetabling and collating stuff - i could help with getting together the content for our PR stuff - if that's a DVD, booklet etc or web type stuff. :)
Rachel Willis
I have just found out that I am away with work from the 2-8th July!!! This means I won't be able to make it into the uni during the show :-( I will however be in the week prior for build and on monday 9th July to take it down. SO I can help out more with the promotional stuff away from the uni.
I can also help with collecting content, or building the website (not amazing a code - better on the visual side). I can help research costs etc for the leaflets.
Neil Bradley
I am pretty good at building, but there is a chance that I will be unable to make it to the set-up becuase of work... If I can be there I definitly will be!!
I can also take on any research, design, or organisational roles via the net... I'm willing to help with any design & testing of DVD, website etc... Basically I'll try my best to help any way I can :)
Rachael Maddock
Can do simple web stuff - generally ok with basic code - and act as a general dogsbody! Probably not particularly practical when it comes to building ;-)
Phoebe Jeebe
I'm good at admin and organising. I'm currently building a house so by July I will be pretty handy with tools for the constunstruction of the space. I was quite involved in helping build the show last year so have experience with the potential pitfalls.
I can help out wherever and whomever my help might be required in the construction of the display rooms/halls..
Patsy Wong**
I can help with any graphic print and web work. Simple construction for the space.