I re-update revised plan. loannis's and Su's space has been swaped.

Version 2 of plans. Please group email is you have issues with them.

Anyone wishing to put things in corridors needs to contact John Carbery immediately (the deadline he set in an email has already passed) with a proposal of what you would like to do, and how you intend to do it.

Rachel Willis (online) 18/05/07
My plan has changed. Looking at the plans which Andy sent out there seems to be two long corridor type spaces in both rooms which will be ideal for my new space - please see plans here:
Of course all the space needs to be discussed further........

People who need to be upstairs for internet access

Ioannis Svarnias

People who make sound
Phoebe Jeebe
Rachel Willis
Maria Mantikou
Alex Drawbridge
Julie Gray
Su Im

People who need to be in the dark
Phoebe Jeebe
Steph. S
Julie Gray
Rachel Willis
Neil Bradley ??
Lubna-Yasmin Paracha
Maria Mantikou
Alex Drawbridge
Ge Song
Emmet (with sound)
Su Im

Paul S
I would be happy with some corridor space, as there will be no electronic technology involved with my presentation.

Steph S.
Wall space 1.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters into the room (for space to sit).
Not facing bright light.
Electricity required.
No internet needed.

Julie Gray
I would like to be involved in the group cinema space. Dark space, making sound, speakers, no net connection needed.

Neil Bradley
Computer + mouse for viewer interaction + power supply (No internet required) Headphones would be handy
1.5-2m wallspace with electricity (If wall mounting 1-3 flatscreens is a viable option?) ...Alternativly a dark space with my own projector for showing viewer selected loops.

Lubna-Yasmin Paracha
Completly dark space for projection on one wall needed.Definitely Electricityrequired.

Phoebe Jeebe
dark space, making sound, preferablly with speakers - not headphones, no internet required

Ge Song
dark space with electricity for projection on Transparent Screen, no making sound,no internet required

Nazan Marczinczik...

The exhibition space I require for my work is a dark room, preferably 3 metres to 3metres but 2 m2 should be okay to.
Other equipments I need are as follows
PC with flash (Mac doesn’t display my work properly) and internet explorer
An average size monitor
Internet connection
Cables (naturally)
A table
A chair
I shall get a poster printed and all the other stuff to make it wee more visually exciting
The same information will be posted on my blogs and wiki
I don’t at all mind where my work will be located, however I really do need a small room installed in ANY space allocated to the Digital Arts students..........Thank you :P