Andy Stiff, Senior Lecturer in Digital Arts.
a.stiff@camberwell.arts.ac.uk http://mada2009.madigitalarts.co.uk


Susana Anágua -Ir(reversible systems)
anagua112@yahoo.com http://anagua.wordpress.com/
In a dark room a video-sound installation brings up several themes of order, chaos, energy, recycling, effort and societal patterns. The video is projected on the wall and the installation is created when the light of the video is intercepted by suspended objects.

Simon Ball
On Being Lost in the City...
me@simon-ball.com www.simon-ball.com
Being lost is not seen as a good thing, yet losing oneself often is. Knowing exactly where you are is important; yet being unable to explore the unknown seems oppressive. Is it still possible to get lost in the city? What are the implications of being unable to?

Kenji Ko - 040908/040909
kenji@kenjiko.com http://www.kenjiko.com
Traditional media nowadays is more gossipy and dramatic. News is as “entertaining” as soap, to keep audiences watching. On the 9th April 2008, a CNN commentator, Jack Cafferty stated, "… I think our relationship with China has certainly changed, I think they're basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years."

The first edition of 10 books (A documentry of over 50 text/visual letters that I wrote to Jack Cafferty since Janurary 2009)

Toi Ng - The Line of 1000
noeltmng@me.com http://web.me.com/noeltmng/TM_Ng/home.html
A line. She tries to understand. It is the line she subjectively chose as a subject of investigation. "Investigate" so she thinks, is being objective, when she knows she is not. She drew a line repeatedly on a 76 mm x 76 mm "Post it sized paper". She records and records as many ways as she can, there… she realizes it started with the mind…

Wen Wei - The Frozen Moment of Chinese Calligraphy, Motion and Sound
w.wen731@googlemail.com http://zulovelife.wordpress.com/
In this project I'm attempting to make Chinese calligraphy look to the future, by using digital image and sound to create a new way to understand text. I try to 'perform' the text within animations to display the meaning as clearly as possible.

Nan Zhang - London Impression - High resolution moving chorophotography and sound
peterpan_31@hotmail.com http://jerrynan.wordpress.com/about-me/
This project is going to explore and identify the city’s visual from my point of view. I'm interested in the urban culture, via high resolution photography and audio experiments, which reflect mine and other peoples' impressions of the city.


Dan Fone - A Questionnaire Regarding the Word All
dan@hammerheadrabbits.com http://www.humjam.com
I set out to make a history of the word ‘all’. I am approaching this by asking people to help me in compiling a database of thoughts about this word. I am also interested in observing the effect of this participation on my audience’s view of the subject matter.

Chris Lawrence - Television
My project looks at the way that television programmes are constructed to create carefully considered atmospheres and specific messages. I have used various techniques to attempt to ‘un-edit’ the source material and unveil the original programmes’ core values.

Tim Pickup - Long Exposure Photography, Video & Sculpture
tim@tpickup.demon.co.uk http://timpickup.wordpress.com
My project substantiates the space carved out by a person in motion. I use an array of java programs and 3D modelling packages to get the motion data into a fit state to render as a traditional art object.
The artist falling off a plinth - £2500
The artist vaulting over a balcony - £2500

Mieko Takanami - Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin
mieko.takanami@btinternet.com http://miekotakanami.wordpress.com/
My fascination with the thesis; ‘Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin’ led me to create moving image videos. ‘Optical illusion…’ is a pure form of visualizing Antimatter in the non-existent after images left by a sequence of symbols.

Zai Tang - Sonorous City
email@zaitang.com http://www.zaitang.com
Sonorous City is an immersive listening space, which invites the audience to experience a London illuminated by the ear. Central to my creative practise is an exploration of how the soundscape relates to our perception of urban environments.

Edition of 50 CD's, £10 each


Jules Jans - Tales of The High Seas
julesjans@me.com http://www.talesofthehighseas.com
Tales of the High Seas is a web-based illustrated chart of the northern Atlantic Ocean combining digital art concepts and web technologies. "How valuable a good map is, in which one views the world as from another world thanks to the art of drawing." (Samuel Dirksz van Hoogstraten)

David MacWilliam - Nonsite
david.macwilliam@gmail.com http://nonsite.com
Nonsite reflects my memories of being an undergraduate art student at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Canada from 1974-76, and my experience as an MA student at Camberwell College of the Arts, London from 2007-09.

Bob Milner - PEEP!
bob.milner@yahoo.co.uk http://www.peeep.co.uk
PEEP! is a project which aims to make the world come together, united in opposition to the many faces of evil that oppress the people. Art is one way to do this. It is a beginning. Turn away from the corporate whores and the money men. Join the paupers! Revel in poverty! Make your work and make it seen.

Brian C. Morris - "A" - 3D Character Animation History
bcmorris@the.forthnet.gr http://www.brianmorris3d.com/
My MA project concerns 3D character animation. I’m interested in its history and in its ability to create characters and stories. What I am trying to do with my project is to tell a story about the History of 3D animation, using the medium of animation.

Ayhan Oensal - Mental Images
Mental Images is a participational piece of video art that intends to encourage self reflection by including the outside world and the observer in a narrative.

Patrizio Spadoni - The Lord of the Rabbits - Expanding Contents in interactive TV Casual Games
spadonicosta@hotmail.com http://pspadoni.wordpress.com/
Casual games for interactive TV are very simple: their main goal is to let the occasional player try their skills in an uncomplicated game environment. In this project I tried to enhance contents in this kind of media by expanding their narrativity, designing a game around a story and drawing all graphics.