Well done boys and girls!

The symposium went well and clocked in at 1 hour exactly. The small audience enjoyed it and the beers afterwards. Thanks Jules for chatting it and Andy i think got it streaming to MadaTV. And thanks Simon for organizing it and Zai for the technical setup.

The videos will be shown in a week or two in the main college on a loop, so we'll just hack the videos into a show reel directly from vimeo somehow.

Simon will be editing a 3-4 minute trailer for MADATv and the website and promotion, from the videos in the next week.

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[vimeo 4844092]
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The Symposium will consist of a 2 minute film made by each student describing their project, or an aspect of their project (or Andy even said an issue raised by their project). These will be shown in thematic batches (about 6 at a time) after which will be a short question and answer session on each batch, where the face to face students will sit at the front. After that there would be drinks served in the corridor outside the Theatre where the films will be looped on a moniotor and a row of A4 posters (one by each student) will explain the projects and enable the conversation to carry on. The event will be broadcast to the chat rooms for the onliners.

David has suggested this as a poster for the show:


Registering on http://www.vimeo.com is easy, just an email confirmation.

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Tim Pickup

Long exposure photography, video & sculpture from tim pickup on Vimeo.

Bob Milner: PEEP!

Symposium Film from bob milner on Vimeo.

Susana Anágua

Symposium from Susana Anágua on Vimeo.

Patrizio Spadoni

MA_DA 2007_09_P_Spadoni from Patrizio Spadoni on Vimeo.


David MacWilliam

Digital Arts Symposium '09 from David MacWilliam on Vimeo.

Zai Tang

"Sonorous City" MA Digital Art Symposium Presentation from fuz3uk on Vimeo.

Nan Zhang

Symposium videos - Nan zhang from Nan Zhang on Vimeo.

Ayhan Oensal

Kenji Ko

040908/040909 from kenji ko on Vimeo.

Brian Morris

MA Digital Arts Symposium 09 Video from Brian Morris on Vimeo.

Julian Jans

Symposium from Jules Jans on Vimeo.

Noel Ng

Recording of the staircase from noeltmng on Vimeo.

Chris Lawrence

Untitled from Chris Lewort on Vimeo.

Meiko Takanami

Untitled from mieko takanami on Vimeo.

WEN wei

Symposium Presentation-WEN wei from Wen Wei on Vimeo.

Dan Fone

Dan Fone MA Digital Arts Symposium Presentation from Daniel Fone on Vimeo.

Simon Ball

Simon Ball | Artist Statement from Simon Ball on Vimeo.