Use the discussion tabs above to discuss the curation suggestions.

If any onliner needs more detailed photos of any space then email tim. Here are the basic room shots. If your work changes then please let the curators know as soon as possible. We will try to rearrange things. If you suddenly require more space then we can't guarantee to fit you in, but will try.


Having cleared some of the rooms, it looks like there's much more to store away (and heavier) than we thought. So perhaps bring BOB out into the open. like below. jerry has moved rooms too.


Latest positions. Brian+Ayhan+Zai are interchangeable - depends on what they show. Mieko has a small photo opposite her room so David has moved along. Jerry is now downstairs moving Wei into the studio room. I expect there will be other changes to come.


Here's what we currently have - Jerry has requested a projection space downstairs so there may be some changes to the dark rooms. Mieko has room C and Bob E.

Here's a very crude mockup of the welcome message and map area.
Please can everyone start getting their 850mm*550mm business cards done. I suggest 100-200 each.



Problem: Alain and Andy said we can't use room C as this is a storage space for staff. Currently there about 4 boxes in there and three broken lockers!!! I'm not totally clear why storing files takes preference over the art show - i'll talk to them more about this. Mieko - is there anywhere in college that is suitable for your piece - do you definitely need a blacked out room??? Upstairs maybe, could it go in the cinema space?

I've swapped Brian and Jerry with David as the wall space is cleaner in the corridor, and jerry and brian's works are more playful than David's. (tim)

Hi, Noel and I were wondering if we could go show our work in the same room as our projects are in many ways quite similar. Perhaps Noel could swap spaces with JW? See you Thursday - (Dan)

Should be OK - i've put a discussion tab for it.(tim)



Tim and Susana are suggesting the curation above.
This is not the final arrangement, you have a few weeks to discuss this - and some people 's projects may change.

Overall the idea is to have the three main rooms and corridor loosley themed

1. Studio: SEMI-DARK: challenging, questioning (political) works

2. Seminar Room: DARK: Communication / signs / being lost

3. Drawing Room: SEMI-LIGHT: More hands on: interactive, playful

4. Corridor - LIGHT. flat wall pieces.

We highly recommend that the several people who suggested they might display a website don't. Rather create a visual walkthrough or video relating to themes on your site accompanied by flat visual material. We don't like the idea of people sitting at a monitor on a desk and surfing the net, this is an art show not an IT convention.

MADATV: showreel encouraging people to go downstairs on a loop in the entrance foyer. Wei has agreed to edit this once we send her some footage nearer the time of the show.

Tim: Possible long print along ground floor corridor.

Robot: small version of robot used in the flyer
could be sitting on the metal bar above the digital art space- hopefully with a flashing light alerting people to the show???

Susana: Required a blackout room where phosphorescent paint can be seen. make sure the entrance hall is curtained off in some way that disguises the ugly doors.



Ayhan: the first piece once you enter the basement. this smacks you right in the face, and grabs your identity. A flatscreen monitor and webcam attached to the wall opposite the entrance door

David: clean wall would easily accomodate a 2m print.

Zai: you could have a small sound work here similar to your piece at the Feedback show, with earphones.

Mieko: Pitch black room. Leave clear instructions outside the room if you want people to understand what to do. During the private view you can grab people maybe 3 or 4 at a time to experience your work.

map + cards

These will all be displayed together in the corridor in some nice plastic presentation racks or holders. We don't want people to clutter their space with their cards next to their art and f@@@ing awful guest books.If absolutely necessary those can be displayed here too. This is an art show not a networking club.

This will tell audience where each digital artist is (as some will be exhibiting in the dark)

The poster and any handouts/flyers will be here too with a brief introduction to the course from Andy stiff and a loose mention of the range of themes covered by the work.


The sound from the three works need to be considered here.

Dan: You have a whole corner to work with. You could project across it.

Kenji: Window space backing into two rooms, but this would probably be your front - and noisier? side.


Dark room

Simon: you have the whole wall to project onto - a webcam at the top could monitor audience movement in front of the screen so the audience can 'dance' with your work.

Wei: Projection down onto a book. Intimate.


Semi-light room
At the private view this room will form a focal point for people to talk about digital art and drink. There will be chairs around for the private view.
The dark blue box is a raised platform about 4 foot high and we hope made from the basement filing cabinets on their sides, covered over with plywood, which we can buy cheaply and construct fairly easily and paint - probably white.

Chris: great to bring in a sofa and some sort of rug to define your space. Mirror will need removing?

Jerry, Brian: flat printed works accompanied by directions to your film show upstairs.

Noel: at least 4m of wall space and the floor in front of it - think about embedding a monitor into a plywood screen against the wall perhaps.

Pat: great to have a working demo running on a computer with a game joystick or remote control to run it.

Jules: your navigation application, running from the internet if needed, but locked off so that people don't crash it and end up on ebay or somewhere.

Bob: Play room - you can make a mess here.

Tim Pickup

Long Exposure Photography, Video and Sculpture.
A lifesize color sculpture and accompanying digital prints and or video piece, analysing motion through space. Need light. Sculpture will probably be made of polystyrene or cardboard and may be long - several meters. The print may also be long. I am considereing weather-proofing the sculpture to be displayed in the courtyard or near the entrance to the college or round the back.

Bob Milner

I would like to have a room. I like room C. I would like to make it a PEEP! gallery/installation space. Depending on access to the college, I would install it myself, quietly and in secret and then leave and never return. Skip it all. I would like a projector but since these are like gold dust, hmm. There would be paper stuff and other stuff. If no projector, a cheap telly and DVD will be part installation, part come and join in type of space.....pots of paint etc..

Plan B
Build a small to meduim sized billboard type affair, do something similar to above but outside. I don't know why it won't unbold itself, so I dare not risk sticking on a jpeg, might crash the system. Is this vague enough for you? Ah, it did unbold itself. Bugger.

Dan Phone

Dan Fone I can be quite flexible. Any one of the three rooms will be fine. I'm investigating having my questionnaire projected on to a sheet of frosted glass (from below) which will be at rostrum height. This will most likely stand on a simple steel frame. Behind that I want to project some large images, probably on to a concave surface. This means that the work will be relatively free standing and independent of space, as long as I get enough of it. The projection with the image on it might even go on a specially built frame of some kind, which would make the whole thing completely free standing.

Kenji Ko

Interactive installation with two projections and internet access.
I am planning to fix two IR sensors (wireless) in the entrance of both Digital Art Studio and Seminar Room as shown above. And then have two different projections in each room on the plain wall, no screen is needed. Please see below diagram. Also, would love to have two plinths to hide the projector and computer.

Simon Ball

Its very much open to change, but I'm expecting to need a screen in front of a high contrast background. I think I will need to back project, although accept that this may take up too much room. The screen will ideally be about 6ft in width by 4ft in height. I will need a camera feeding into a computer to track motion. Will also require speakers and listenable audio.


Brian Morris

I will need a PC and speakers to play a quick time or avi looping movie (possibly could play a DVD also) and some wall space behind the monitor. A darker space with some spot lighting would be good. I'm not sure which spaces have power outlets, lighting etc..

One of the smaller room might be good, or maybe share the digital arts studio with someone? Also..Maybe I can use headphone instead of Speakers? Here is a rough mock-up

Zai Tang

2 / 4 speakers - stereo / surround
G5 running MaxMSP/Jitter
Projector (used as lighting source via Jitter) & Mirror

I'm still figuring out exactly how to use a projector to cover the entire room in one colour, was thinking bouncing the light off a curved mirror might do the job. It will generally be quite dim though.

I plan to use up to 4 speakers, possibly surround sound, with 1 speaker in each corner. Ideally, I need a single isolated room, since I it will be quite loud (at points), which may disrupt any nearby works if in the same room. Room B would be a potential space, and possibly Andy's old office too.

Patrizio Spadoni


The final presentation of my project is a mix of images (the game art), words and music and will be based on DVD.
So what I need is just a DVD player and a screen + speakers.
Any room without any strong light will do.

Jules Jans

I basically just need a computer, monitor and an internet connection to run a website. The internet connection is essential, and preferably I'd like a wired connection. Regarding computer & monitor I can either use college equipment (just need a mac running a recent version of Safari), or I'm more than happy to provide my own. I am vaguely working on a possible physical installation but I doubt it would take up much more space than a monitor footprint, so really I just need space on a table or a stand large enough for a monitor.

Jerry Zhang

Film upstairs in Cinema Space - I just need a computer andthe monitor is as much bigger as better. And i need a speaker to play my sound. anyplace should be okey without strong light.  

Noel Ng

I think is going to be a website, may I have a 2m square space.

Mieko Takanami

Possibly room B - noise and flashing light anti-matter installation.

Projected video + Installation (??)

Title: Optical Illusion (which evolved from the thesis: Matter and Antimatter are
two sides of one coin.)

‘Optical illusion creates afterimage’. Geometric shapes and images apply Matter element, while blackout frames of which follow after each picture apply Antimatter element. This video has to set in solitary dark room for the reason of viewer to see afterimage. Room B is ideal, if not, any solitary dark room is required.

(??): I am still trying to set up Flash-stand in both sides toward to video screen in order to produce a strong impact at the end of scene. It seems impossible to connect operating system between Flash and video automatically, but using timer setting up, and synchronise timely only. If this is possible, Risk Assessment will be considerably high. I am not sure at the moment.


Chris Lawrence

TV room with chairs + sofa. Possibly upstairs in food/common room. Enclosed space required. Room B ?

David MacWilliam

Currently, I plan to exhibit a photograph that relates to my research website nonsite. I would like approximately two meters of clean white wall, that has good lighting.


Wei Wen

Projection installation of calligraphy onto book. base 50cm*50cm. dark space.

Susana Anagua

Title ( for now): (IR)REVERSIBLE SYSTEMS

To present my work I ll need , consider that we can not have the perfect conditions, a dark room . I intend to present a projection of a vídeo that has a black out and in the wall is going to be painted some drawings with Photoluminuscent ink so that can glows on the dark. For that the ideal situation is a individual room (can be a very small place , I don´t need a big projection) or to share with someone who doesn´t mind that the room stays in dark for at least one or two minutes. This would be the most ideal conditions, of course if is not possible, I ll discuss with everyone to find another solution .

Ayhan Oensal

Hi everyone, I am planning to display my interactive video on an iMac. I will need internet connection (cable or dsl), a headset (or alternatively speakers) and a desk (or plinth) with a height of 1.00 m (if there is anything like that available at the university). It would be great if there are any rooms with daylight, since the installation is going to capture the observer. Otherwise an extra light would help.