Final idea: from meeting 3rd April, 2009


Option 1designLayout_DM4.jpg

Option 2 :

This is the minimalist option on A6 postcard with logo and information, artists etc on the back. Simple - linked to the website which is what we are about. This can work as an invitation to the private view as well. All-in-one at minimal cost. The grid option cant work on this format but it could on A5 (jw)

Option 3: A5/A6 card (about £150 to print 5000)


Option 4: postcard (about £150 to print 5000)

This is a rough idea - the photo of Andy looks a bit funny and the arm could be improved.
You get the idea - it's Andy waving us goodbye (and good riddance :)
He's standing in front of the Digital Arts studio.
The process is one i've used on my long exposure project. (tim)
The back is the same as above.


Above is the minimalist idea which would just have the web address - info would be on the back. The 'datestamp' can carry minimum show detail. Designed as A6 postcard. jw

Below - Turbulence image by David.


Individual Postcard idea

Each person has a full image on a postcard. With their details (so they could use this as a business card too) and also a link to the website with everyone's details. The poster is just made up by sticking 18 postcards in a pattern on a wall. I have roughed up a couple. The backside could be standardised (even holding a map or mayeb 2 images from each person - or what the hell - you can write a poem on the back if you want.
2009c1.jpg - 2009c2.jpg

Old designs

Postcard - symmetrical

This one has larger images, more room for personal contact stuff, 9 of us on each side. The images could be rotated by 90 degrees if wanted. Printed Postcard size - some of the text will be small so it is important to get a test print done or know the printer if possible - because sometimes small print goes shit.

Bob's Image

Bob_one.jpg Bob_two.jpg
Polaroid version (see discussion) - the text should be hand written.
Note from Bob: Just to make it clear, this image is a 'found' one. Those are not my knees. I like the idea of a found image (issues of copyright etc.) and so on... and the random nature of it. I agree that 'polaroid' looks better, with handwritten text. It could have a 'push pin' and cork background, image on the right of the flyer...text/map/guff on the left etc.

I suggest it would be better landscape with the gallery of work and contact details inside - as it is now an A3 leaflet and the costs are less than the original A2. It can be more manageable and cost effective with a single fold into A4 and printed both sides on quality art paper. The outside could give a montage and a map - locating each artist's work: inside would be larger individual photos with names and contact details. I think it is important to include the University logo - and of the 'digital arts' logos shown here (below) , I prefer number 6 with a slight modification.I think we should include the 'show guide' info as a priority.
Here are a couple of roughs along these lines. Hope this feedback is helpful. Johnlogorev.jpg

Option 2

Option 1

On 19th March meeting, been said from it, please send me a JPG file of your art work and I am hoping to have all design work done by Wed, 25th March!! Please let me know on what you all think on this logo let out!!! Which one do you like or how will you like it changed... etc... Best Noel
Here's my initial thoughts for Basement 18

Colour and details still need to be edited. I haven't put the MA Digital Arts in yet. (inspired by Martyn Ware and Heaven 17) I welcome your thoughts,

Here is an example of what it may look like when the logo is then chosen. Everything should then look very alike to keep the ID going!
Above: Web site; Below: Prints, Please let me know in what you think of this!!! And the Logos!! By the way, I just knew there are 18 of us and not 20 I will change this when I have feed back from you all!!
Best Noel

i like this grid idea OK.
maybe on the front just images in a grid (wihich makes a very democratic poster - a bit cliched but OK) - on the back the outlines to match the photos and then with the artists details as drawn below for example. this way the reader has to do a little match the photo to the shape game. (tim)

I agree Tim - co-incidentally, at the onliners' chat today we came around to exactly this sort of idea, started off thinking of old 'speakeasy' door grill - towards using a grid . If this is followed through in Flash on the web page. each panel in the grid can click open and link to individual students, their work and short profile. Maybe 5 rows of 4 panels (two blank - maybe linking to general info) - the feeling was to avoid too much black.(john Williams)
Maybe something like this, just for example:



Logo - "MADigital Arts 2009" Below is MA Digital Arts 2009 as a barcode - just a simple thought. jw

MADA TV - has a logo which is a colour spectrum, But any logo for show etc can be used to identify show material.


I like the idea of taking one of the pieces of work by the students rather than an abstract - here are some suggestions. (Tim)

From Chris's Tv piece highlighting digital processing:

From Tim's 3D rapid prototype:

What about the (famous) cups:

Or using a cute one from Patrizio:

Constructivist one based on Simon's cutups:

I suppose to use every body's work as the text background (Jerry)