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Susana Anágua
Ir(reversible systems)
Music by Paulo Sousa

Simon Ball
On Being Lost in the City... - Digital Imaging, Motion Graphics and Interaction

Dan Fone
A Questionnaire Regarding the Word All

Jules Jans
Tales of The High Seas

Kenji Ko
The first edition of 10 books - £60 each

Chris Lawrence

David MacWilliam

Bob Milner

Brian C. Morris
"A" - 3D Character Animation History, A work in progress

Toi Ng
The Line of 1000

Ayhan Oensal
Mental Images

Tim Pickup
The artist vaulting over a balcony

Tim Pickup
The artist falling off a plinth

Tim Pickup
Long Exposure Video: Trailer

Patrizio Spadoni
The Lord of the Rabbits - Expanding Contents in interactive TV Casual Games

Mieko Takanami
Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin.
Edition of 5 DVD's, price is follow

Zai Tang
Sonorous City
Edition of 50 CD's, priced at £10 each

Zai Tang
Window Music (Aerial Conflict)
Edition of 10 DVD's, priced at £80 each

Wei Wen
The Frozen Moment of Chinese Calligraphy, Motion and Sound

Nan Zhang
London Impression - High resolution moving chronophotography with sound