Drawing A Lecture - Sound Pieces

Well done everyone!! Here are those sound pieces that was looping in the exhibition, check it out :)

Issac Cordal - http://www.kenjiko.com/DAL/Sam_play_it_again.wav
Andrew Burgess - http://www.kenjiko.com/DAL/lecture_silences.aif
Kenji Ko - http://www.kenjiko.com/DAL/30sec_Lecture.aif
Kenji Ko - http://www.kenjiko.com/DAL/ummm_x_4.aif

Drawing A Lecture

26th Nov., 2008 to 28th Nov.,2008

Wilson Rd. Opening 26th Nov.,2008 - 4pm
Wilson Rd. Opening 26th Nov.,2008 - 4pm

Making of Photos

Drawing a lecture...

The following posting is up on the Camberwell wiki space asking for submissions for our exhibition...

Drawing A Lecture

MA Specialisms curated exhibitions.


Mon 24th Nov: Digital Arts
The theme of next weeks exhibition is 'drawing a lecture'. We want to curate an exhibition of peoples notes, doodles, thoughts and sketches that have been created during the Wednesday morning lecture series at Wilson Rd. You can present these notes and sketches in their raw form, or create artwork that uses or is inspired by the lectures and the notes you've taken. Work must be submitted in A4 size and can be in colour or black&white. All work must be submitted in both digital and hard copy. Digital work can be submitted to the following e-mail address:

Please try to keep file sizes as small as you can (JPEGs if possible).
Hard copies can be delivered to us in our studio or in the corridor before 12:00 on Monday morning.

You are welcome to submit your name and any title that you decide to give to your work, but we are happy for artists to remain anonymous. If you do choose to name and title your work, we will provide labels but would rather that these details were included as part of the images you submit. However, you must notify us of the title of the subject that you are studying (Book arts, Graphic Design etc.). This can be as part of the artwork or stated in an e-mail when submitting.

We will post details of a show opening here as soon as we can.

If you have any questions or queries then please don't hesitate to contact myself or Andy Stiff:
simon *at* si-dent.co.uk
a.stiff *at* camberwell.arts.ac.uk


Please feedback any issues or thoughts to myself or Andy. There's a few things we can all do to help this along...

1. Submit work. It is important that we all submit a few pages of A4 ourselves. It shouldn't take too long and the more we can get the better. We want as many as possible. Hopefully the online students can chip in as well, it will be great to have them involved. Use the e-mail address provided if you can't submit work by hand on Monday. Here's an example....

2. We haven't decided exactly how to mount the work on the wall, we thought white tack would be simplist but a bit cheap. Even cheaper would be white masking tape and that might give a nice (or not) hand made feel to it all. We also thought about pins, bulldog clips and fixings, which would look a lot more professional but may cost more and could damage the walls, which we are meant to leave as we find them. Any ideas to myself, Andy or Susana.

3. If you have any contact details of people from other courses then can you send them a personal invitation to submit work. I think I would be more likely to do something if someone I knew from the other courses contacted me directly.

4. Turn up on Monday morning if possible. I'm going to get in as early as possible, but lets say 9:30. We'll need as many hands as possible to help put all the work up on the walls.

In addition to all this, Kenji, Andrew and Issac are working on a CD of all the recordings from the lectures. Andrew is also hoping to submit a pen that he's chewed. Any other ideas are welcome. Learn How to draw Caricatures