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Camberwell MA08 Flickr group

Paul Thompson has set up a Flickr Group for us to post images from this years MA.
Join the group for free and add your photos
Actually it was Sean Clark - thanks Sean - I am just promoting it and one of the administrators - Paul:-)
so lets see a more images uploaded and and more of you joining in
i've added some shots from the private view.

The Official MA Show Website is up.

Still under construction

MA Final Show Tips

Please check out MA Final Show 2008 for tips and advice from Medeia Cohan-Petrolino (UAL Assistant-Curator) and Eamonn Maxwell (UAL Curator) during their Curation Workshop at The Arts Gallery.


The university also put up an online gallery where you can upload jpegs of your work- and show them to the world.
So far there's 62 pages of student work about 57 of which are from the London College of Fashion!!!
can't see any Camberwell work's what it looks like:
Each image links to a students page where you can have a collection of further images and contact details.

*If you upload soon, you get a 20% discount at, where you can print 100 minicards (a slim card, sort of the size of a business card) for less than 10quid. Hope this helps :) -Moshe

Curation Workshop with Medeia Cohan-Petrolino, Assistant Curator and Eamonn Maxwell, Curator of the University of the Arts London

Notes from Jacquie Utley, Curation Group Leader
  • All artists working with AV equipment need to leave instructions on how to turn equipment on and off also a contact number.
  • We need to be aware of the journeys our visitors have made to get to Camberwell ( Camberwell is not that easy by public transport) thus making sure everything is set up and ready at least 15mins before we open.
  • Keep labeling clear: a course Introduction/text of every course subject area plus labels so work can be identified, cards with correct long term email, and phone numbers.
  • Regarding pricing of av work often equipment is included.
  • Always two discs are given to the buyer; one for the archive and one for showing.
  • Editions are 1-9 (normal is Edition of 5)
  • The slade MA show is coming up we should go and have a look see what works.
  • I have put some hand outs up on the notice board that were given out.
  • Please check out: It has loads of info on pricing and guidance if approached after the show by a gallery.

Things to Remember for Degree Shows (and other solo projects…)

(Kindly provided by Medeia Cohan-Petrolino and Eamonn Maxwell)

>You may think the following reminders are very obvious, but you would be surprised how many artists at degree shows have none of the following recommendations sorted.

>Always price your work. Be careful not to underestimate your worth nor overprice it.

*For films

1. For films, editions of 5 (plus artist’s proof, that you keep) works best, on DVD.
2. When somebody buys it, you are to give an exhibition copy and a storage/archive copy.
3. The going price now for films (one edition) is £150-350.
4. Number them in odd numbers (edition 1, edition 3…).

*For installations

1. The price for installations includes your artist’s fee and the total cost of equipment.
2. Don’t sell your installation piecemeal- include all pieces of equipment.
3. If somebody wants to install your work in a gallery/space, the installation fee is £175 per day.

>If applicable, always know how many editions are in your series before pricing and showing your work; it’s a good idea to keep that number under 10 to begin with.

>Always, always, always provide a legible business card with current contact details.

*Keep those business cards; make a mailing list.

>If applicable, discuss the possibility of commissions with interested parties. However, be careful with making too many accommodations when commissioning work.

*Every buyer is a start of a relationship.

>Other important tips:

*Research the galleries.

*UK galleries don’t use contracts.

*Put things into writing.

*Don’t sell everything.

*Keep artist’s proofs.

*Be mindful of your work’s ability to be displayed anywhere.

*For presentation of work, it should be professional and well-done.

*The University also helps you after you graduate, they can connect you to galleries, institutions and collectors.

Example: They helped Ben Long (Camberwell graduate) put up his installation in another site in Elephant&Castle after the Southwark Council changed its mind. The University connected him to two collectors who provided the resources for the installation to push through.


It’s important, especially if your not sectioning work by course that the labels for the works have detailed information. Below is an example of how we label work for the University Collection.


Mask of Anarchy
Adam Smith
Screen Print

Smith studied BA Illustration at London College of Communication. His work is inspired by the second stanza of the poem ‘The Mask of Anarchy’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The text relates to the death of ten peaceful protestors and the severe injuries inflicted on several hundred more when the Manchester yeomanry ruthlessly suppressed a demonstration in favour of parliamentary reform at St Peters Field in 1819- the famous ‘Peterloo Massacre’.

Universtiy Art Collection
UAC 575

Projector Requirements:

This is a Projector Reservation List for the MA Final Show. We need this list ASAP so if you need a projector, please sign up below. This list has to be forwarded to the Central Loan Store by May 2, so the sooner you sign up, the better chances of reserving one. The college only has 15 projectors for all the MA's so it can only be reserved if it's absolutely necessary for the nature of your project.

Katrin Maria Escay - 1 projector
Moshe Ladanga - 1 projector
Birgitt Schlauderer - 1 projector
Sharon Ferris - 1 projector
Yan Li - 1 projector
Jessica d'Avigdor - 1 projector
Katsura Morisaki - 1 projector
Gary McLeod - 1 projector (to be projected onto an empty photo album, so a monitor wouldn''t be quite right)
John Baugh - 1 projector
Ryosuke Kumaki - 1 projector
Hektor Piotr Kowalski - 1 projector
Dominique Carpenter - 1 projector
Nikolas Almpanis - 1 projector

If your project is a video that can be included in a film screening, please sign up below. These films will be put on a reel which will be looped throughout the day. The idea is to have a screening room dedicated to these films. If your project is of this nature, please sign up below:

Chris Lister
Rajinder Deo
Paul Thompson
Dominique Carpenter (are these the only options? Is there any talk about a programme of film screenings, rather than a looped scenario? )
Angelina Voskopoulou
Chrysanthos Voutounos

QUESTION - regarding the film screening from - paul (online) -
  • who is coordinating this?
  • who do we send our movies to?
  • what format is required?
  • whats the deadline?
thankx :-)

QUESTION - Andy informed the online students of the decision to use plinths - this has a cost implication - how much is it going tro cost us how do we pay? - Paul (online)

Updates as of March 14:

Preparation of the Wilson's Site : John Carbury is working on the building plans which will be done by June.
Sponsorship : Alain Ayers, the MA Programme Director, is negotiating sponsorship for the catalogue.
Curation : This will be handled by the Curation Committee which has representatives from all the courses. The form below has to be filled out by each student and submitted by April 14. This includes submitting a jpeg of your work following the requirements given. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding curation please email either the leader (Jacqui Utley) or your course representative in the committee:

Drawing: Jacqie Utley
Digital Arts: Adriano Casanova, Gary Mcleod

Timeline : The timeline can be found below.
Student's work: All students must be selective and must choose the best work they have for the exhibition.
Health and Safety : All external equipment brought in to the college must be tested before installation.
Design : Unfortunately, because of the looming deadline, a competition for the MA Final Show design will not be feasible. Posters and Marketing material need to be sent out as soon as possible, so if anyone has any design ideas for the show, please forward it by Wed, 18 March to:

Peggy Jordan
Katrin Escay

Basically, the theme agreed upon was Camberwell, about sharing one space/foundation before we head off for better things:). So anything around this basic idea, would be good. The Publications Committee will be having a meeting on the 19th of March at 2pm at the Graphics design studio and we will try to incorporate the ideas to complete the design. We have to complete a final design within the next two weeks, so send your ideas:).

Summer Show Education Plan: Call for Submissions

Hi there digital artists,
The education team for the summer show are plannng to put together a programme of events to run on the wed, thu and fri of the show and we would like to hear from you if you would like to be involved. You have
probably seen the pink posters or had an email with all the important details.
I am specifically targeting you lot, as I would like to know if you are planning some sort of screening or somesuch that we could bill as part of the evening events. The plan for the evening programme is to have a talk/lecture by an outside speaker, followed by the opportunity for visitors to see the show/have a drink etc. If you are planning something for the show that we could maybe adapt and tie into the evening's events, we can advertise it along with the lecture programme. (it wouldn't have to be on every night).
Ideally this would be something 'eventful', not just a film that is already running. I have no idea what you lot are up to, but maybe something like a projected show reel or something outside or performances. We are open to suggestions.
The deadline for submissons of proposals is the 14th of April, so it can coincide with your exhibition planning form.
Please submit them to
Many thanks,
We look forward to hearing your ideas,
Lucy Ward, India Ritchie, Jenny Wright, Hayley Mcphun, Gary McLeod, Susan Wishart
(there is also the opportunity to do workshops with 6th form kids - please see your email or the posters for further details)

Updates on the Feb 14 meeting:

Curation - Jacquie Utley -
Education - Lucy Ward -
Publicity - Nick Bullions -
Publications - Peggy Jordan -
Sponsorship - Carly Greene -

The emails of those who signed up below have been forwarded to them. If you'd like to take part in any of the teams or if you have ideas, questions, suggestions, please email the leaders directly. (Katrin)

Coming Meetings:

feb 7  9.30-10.30 (Seminar room beside our studio)
feb 14 9.30-10.30 (Seminar room beside our studio)
feb 21 14.00 (Seminar room beside our studio) (For Committee Leaders only)
mar 5 9.30-11.00 (Wilson Road Lecture Hall)
mar 6 9.30-11.00 (Course Rep Meeting)
apr 7
may 1
jun 5
jul 3

Outcomes of the Feb 7 meeting:

- The curatorial team will represent a balance of all students. No student will be prioritized.

- Students are encouraged to choose just one of their work to exhibit and will not show all the work they have produced (this pertains to drawing, illustration etc...)

- External Examiners do not assess our work, they are there to assess the processes of the school.

- A working timeline for the entire schedule of events will be distributed to the students.

- For the Exhibition planning: The students will all have to complete a small document which will outline what work they will submit so that resources can be managed and distributed appropriately. A 50 word description of the work will also be required for the curatorial team. These forms will be sent out around March (after assessments, but before the break). Submission of the form will be a week after the break.

- For the publications, a cd is required with jpegs for every student (exact requirements for image size and file format will be announced).

- A leader from each of the teams will be voted on (on the 14th) for the coordination amongst the groups.

- Your participation in the MA Final Show Team will be a part of your professional development, so include all proof of this in your blogs for assessment (emails, whatever work done...). Also include this in you final project proposal paper.

MADA Team:

Adriano Casanova (F2F) -
Gary McLeod (ONLINE) - I won't be able to physically be at the meetings but i think its important that one of the onliners should be involved somehow with the curation of the show. Hopefully, andy can webcast the meetings.

Gary McLeod (ONLINE) am keen to gather together papers, possible presentations etc. These could be web casted.
Susan Wishart (ONLINE) I can help out with organisation and implementation - as per Gary's suggestions above.

Christos Demosthenous - ONLINE - I can help out with anything to do with graphic design as well (3d animation also)
Tara Smith - ONLINE - I am happy to help out with anything to do with graphic design.
Ryosuke Kumaki - F2F -
Sharon Ferris - F2F -

Katrin Maria Escay- F2F -
Moshe Ladanga- F2F -
Nikos Almpanis- F2F -
Nick Buer- F2F -
Evi Michalaki - F2F -

Dayoung Ju- F2F -
Dan Fone - F2F - cannot do Thursday meetings, willing to help with posters and web as well.

Paul Thompson - ONLINE I can't physically meet but can meet in online common room - Tuesdays are best.
Birgitt Schlauderer – ONLINE – I can provide a website design template for the final exhibition: e-mail: infoATpictographieDOTde (due to spam, please no direct link to my e-mail address!)
Jessica d'Avigdor - ONLINE - happy to help out with graphics, design, logo, ...
Yan Li- F2F -
Sean Clark– ONLINE –
Katsura Morisaki- F2F - willing to help with catalogue if short of hands
Rajinder Deo - Online - I can help with websitedesign.
Angelina Voskopoulou-online- I can help with the logo and design
Lucy Blackwell - ONLINE - I am happy to think about an interesting way of linking people together on the site, to take it a little beyond a list of names and links, perhaps a flash element on the homepage that could connect you to other people in an interesting way, such as a tessellating hexagon pattern (something I have already been exploring for my own project!). I can also help with any of the design elements, webpage, logo, poster etc.:

Voutounos Chrysanthos-Online - I can build a Gallery in Second Life to show our work.

Chris Lister-Online- I can advertise as an online event on Tokyo based art directories, gallery sites and blogs. I can also try promoting at the upcoming Design Festa event to be held in Tokyo.


Some initial observations from an "onliner"

hi everyone i have started a bit late with this this term due to family problems but have the following possibly pragmatic questions from an onliners viewpoint

will be exhibiting numbers, names, f2f, online, physically, present or virtual

Sharon Ferris - de-stressing devices
Nikos Almpanis - digital portraiture
Moshe Ladanga - b/w abstracted film collaboration
Katrin Escay - color abstracted film collaboration
Nick Buer - Non-places and the individual
Dayoung Ju - making film of virtual gallery
Adriano Casanova - Borderlines: Immigrant’s Environments in Social and Technological Art Context.
Katsura Morisaki - Interactive animation for children in playspace
Yan Li - Utopias of consumption
Ryosuke Kumaki - - fusion of objects
Stefano Kappel - - Generation of ideas through machines

Dom - boxing as a fine art
Micha - adding movement to painting
Hektor - estate architecture doc.

Lucy Blackwell - (fictitious ecosystem)
Gary Mcleod - (revisiting the Japanese landscapes of the HMS Challenger)
Chrysanthos Voutounos - (bonding of Byzantine and Digital Art)
Susan Wishart - (visualising dream states)
Birgitt Schlauderer - (visual encodings in everyday life)
Tara Smith - (Miniature worlds)
Paul Thompson - (examining percipient engagement in the artists experience)
Jessica d'Avigdor - (ID ZOmE = virtual self reflected in a rhizome)
Chris Lister - (visions of energy motion & time)
John Baugh - (software to aid immersion in 3d structures)
Sean Clark - (self creating performance systems)
Christos Demosthenous - (how a child fantasizes)
Susan Weir - (??interior decoration time lines)
Angelina Voskopoulou - (the meanings of empty space)
Rajinder Deo - (Indian tabla visuals)

will people want - equipment - does college supply anything (projectors etc) do we have to provide our own - an issue for onliners
Sean Clark: 42" high quality plasma screens, 4m square space where light and sound can be controlled
(These were the specs sent by Sean to me - Katrin:))

should we be physical at all? we are digital online cyber artists networked should it not be that our internationality and physicality is only linked by our media?
how many onliners will be physically in London?
how do we accommodate the virtual student?

Andy said that Onliners coming for the show are voluntary but welcome:). Hope to see you guys here:). (Katrin)

are we exhibiting to the public wider world to show ourselves off after assessment ?
or is this used as part of the final assessment? this puts a different slant on things?

has any one given us exact dates - installation, private view, open to public, dismantling

this will cost how do we get money?

do we create a Second life (or similar) version of the show ? and invite the physical students to join? :-)

Paul Thompson mada 06-08 online

I can help on the construction of a virtual gallery in Second Life and promote the event
Chrysanthos Voutounos mada 06-08 online


Hi all you may want to have a look at this

artropolis - a second life world of art :-) - curious - no just weird

General Info:

Alain Ayers, the head of all the MA Courses at Camberwell has suggested a cross-fertilization of all the works from different courses. As he looked over the strengths and weaknesses of last year's show, he suggested that instead of separating all the work via courses, work from different media will be placed next to each other to give a richer experience to the viewer. (For example, a video projection can be beside a print or a drawing). The work will be curated via theme rather than the classification of Digital Arts, Book Arts, Printmaking, Drawing, Conservation or Graphic Design. It will be more like works in conversation with each other. The themes will arise through finding the connections between all the works of art that will be created from across all the courses. These themes have not be pre-created so as to not limit anyone's work. Input on how you want your work to be presented would be greatly appreciated. All these will be discussed during the meetings, so all issues and suggestions are welcome. This is a group effort, so everyone's input and time would be great in creating a powerful show.

The DVD, Catalogue, Website, Posters and Press Packs will be for all the MA Courses. In this way, there will be one clear voice in the presentation of the Final Show. The ideas of Alain Ayers were suggested so that we could create a more professional and interesting show, more in the line of galleries and art spaces.Everyone will be included in the final show and everyone's input would be greatly appreciated. These meetings are so that we can coordinate with the other MA Courses to bring up our suggestions on how our work will be presented and the basic legwork that needs to be done for Marketing, Curating, Seminars and Fund-raising. If you would like to be a part of one of these groups, please sign up.For Onliners, just put a note beside your names so that I can forward your names during the meeting. Andy is also looking into a way to webcast the meetings so that everyone can be a part of it.