MADATV at the End Of Year Show

The plan is to use MADATV in 3 distinct but connected ways.

1) A looped short film will run on a monitor upstairs in the corridor - this will have small images of all the artists work (maybe the same as in the Poster) and possibly a brief introduction from Andy. It will be to encourage people to come down to the Digital Arts Show. Thinking about it maybe the Andy bit will drive us all mad after looping 20 times - so better might just be images and names of artists on a ticker. Effectively this is a filmed version of the poster. This could be used as a trailer online.

2) Upstairs in the Cinema Space there will be a showreel of all the footage gathered on MADATV over the course of the year - this should include an introduction by Andy - and the purpose of the film is to promote the course and artists, and also to serve as a guide to MA Digital Arts. It will be a loosely edited film - anyone can provide footage - it is a chance to show pieces of work which you have made but can't fit into the show, you can talk about/promote your practise too if that is necessary.

3) The building of the show, the private view night, and the art on display will be documented. After the show is completed this footage will be added to the MADATV site - as a record of the show.

These 3 different things can be embedded in any website connected to the show. Ideally we'll have something up as a trailer for the show by the end of April.


Uploading footage to MADATV

If you have any footage from an art event you're involved in or a piece of work you'd like to show then they can be uploaded to the MADATV site: Send the files (images (JPG), or Video in a common format preferably quicktime MOV). John Williams will then edit them together as soon as he can:
Submitted material must be clear of copyright issues.

Make sure your files are named with your title and your name and any other text you'd like. Email Jon too so he knows what to do with it.

Congratulations, MADATV is verified!

Effective immediately, you can now stream to unlimited concurrent viewers. In addition, your Mogulus channel is now listed at and is available via search or by browsing the Channel Guide. Plus, your channel is now eligible for promotion in throughout the Mogulus Network.
We appreciate your choice to use Mogulus and hope you continue to have a positive experience.
Thank you. (The Mogulus Team who run the web TV site)

If you have any ideas or want to help or have footage you'd like to offer: then email
JW -
Tim -
Andy -