Renting Equipment & Catalogue of Names

I T Dept

Hi gang,

This part of the page is for anyone wanting to loan equipment from the IT Dept. Please feel free to add your name to the list:

If you have emailed Ina with what you need already, I believe she will update this list at some point (thanks Ina!)... (Leiza)

Leiza: iMac, or computer with webcam, keyboard & mouse.
May: iMacs/ Computers with webcam x 2
Susan: imac and internet connection
Rabhia : imac.Keyboard,mouse,and internet connection
Kevin: imac with ketboard and mouse and internet.
Rod: miniMac/tower with keyboard, VGA adapter for projector, plinth
Hong: iMac/ PC with webcam

Hi all ;)
This is the page for the catalogue of names who will need equipment for the final show. (renting from outside)
Constantina and me (Bill) will try to find and contact several Audio-Visual companies which rent equipment in 'normal' price!
Please notice that we will focus only on Projectors, DVD players, TV screens, as Computers and other stuff will be probably given by the IT Center.
This will help us have a rough idea of the number of people and the equipment, as well as search for better prices.

Anyone who knows something more in Audio-Visual companies and wants to join this team of equipment please let us know.

The deadline of this catalogue of names is : Tuesday 25 May

So, anyone who's interested please fill in this page:
1. Name 2. Email 3. Type of equipment ( for example: 1 projector)

Hope it helps
More updates soon!
Thank you!


(Name - Email - Type of Equipment)

-Ina Dorthea Thuresson ( -

1 Projector: 1080p, minimum 1800 lumes preferably higher

16:9, HDMI input and/or DVI or VGA, minimum 3000:1 contrast ratio, as to LCD or DLP,

i dont mind, i dont want to be difficult... Hah, too late ;) Oh and 1 Blu-Ray Player.

-Varatorn Ratdilokpanich ( :
1 Projector: Resolution 800x600 min with S-Video Output
22" LCD screen: Resolution 1680 x 1050 pixels, 1000:1 contrast ratio, with Composite connectivity

And for the DVD Players, I need 2 but it'd be great if you can check the price first because if it's not so much different, I might buy them. Cheers :)

-Rabhia Saeeda )

1 LCD Screen preferable HD Min 22" (please check for larger)

I DVD Player

(Need clarity and contrast ,film has photographs and drawings)

Could you find cost of hiring a bracket 4 screen + stand,see which will work with budget


-Leiza Barthorpe (**** )

To rent: 1 x LCD Screen - 22" or bigger - high res + bracket to hang it.

Keyboard and mouse (from College / IT?)

PC from College / IT dept?