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Summer Term Course Committee

Date: Wednesday 1 May 2013
Time: 10am
Room: Ground Floor Meeting Room - WPN G04f (down the corridor from student contact desk)

Please send any items for the agenda / papers for the discussion by 15 April 2013 to

Spring Term Course Committee Update

Please see http://camberwellmastudents.wikispaces.com/Course+Reps

Spring Term Course Committee

Date: Wednesday 6 January 2013

Time: 9.30am

Room: Bar Lecture Theatre, Peckham Road (immeadiately next door to canteen)

If you are unable to attend but wish to comment on the papers or have any issues that you want to raise please email

c.martin@camberwell.arts.ac.uk by Friday 25 January 2013.

Student Reps: Informal Meeting with Maiko (acting joint course director)
Date: Wednesday 9th January 2013
Time: 10am - 11am
Room: Ground Floor Meeting Room - WPN G04f

This meeting has now been cancelled and will be rescheduled when more people are able to attend!

Student Reps are elected by their fellow students to speak for them on academic issues. Reps talk to students on their
course and negotiate with staff to help make things better. They are a vital link between students and staff at UAL.
Find out more at http://www.suarts.org/

If you have been elected as a Rep please registger here:

If you have been elected as a Student Rep and you are able to attend a training session - book one at:

Student reps 2010-2011

FT - Rubing
PT1 - Darren
OL1 - ?
PT2- Elvia?
OL2 - Maya Chami and Melanie Menard (jobshare !)

OL2: any problems/concerns/suggestions, please email Melanie and/or Maya. My understanding is that we then forward your comments to a PT or FT rep who can represent our course in person at the meetings. PT1 rep would make the most sense since PT1 study about the same things as OL1 so issues are likely to match.

Student reps 2009-2010

We need to select student reps ASAP

FT - Rod Dioso
PT1 -
OL1 - Maya Chami and Melanie Menard (jobshare !)
PT2- Sara Choudhrey [count me in]
OL2 - Hassen [count me in, too :-) ]

OL1: any problems/concerns/suggestions, please email Melanie and/or Maya. My understanding is that we then forward your comments to a PT or FT rep who can represent our course in person at the meetings. Is there a PT1 rep ? It would make the most sense since PT1 study about the same things as OL1 so issues are likely to match.

Student reps 2008-2009

FT - Simon Ball
PT1 - Sara Choudhrey
OL1 - Hassen
PT2- Zai Tang
OL2 - David MacWilliam

Meetings with Alain are to place the first Thursday of every month. Any queries or suggestions can be passed to myself or Zai in advance.

Student reps are also going to be meeting up regularly from here on in (5th Mar 09) to organise the end of year show. Watch this space, or any other.

Rep Meeting Thurs 2nd April, 2009

The Headlines Today

Calls for Draconian Wiki Laws
Some reps advised that students can find the wiki psaces a little confusing, with important information being lost amongst adverts for party's etc. It was and has been suggested (mainly by me) that there should be spaces which student can 'trust'. This would involve areas where students aren't allowed to edit the information, so that people know it has been written by someone in authority. Alain said that the Wiki psace is very much in development as tool by which to organise information and events and would welcome any feedback.

It was also mentioned that course docs should available in PDF format, as word docs can sometimes be temperamental when moving across platforms.

People are also unable to access podcasts or videos from the lectures. Alain advised that there had been technical issues with this. I said that people wanted them they should be able to chase them through their tutors. Either way, if you're having the same issue, contact Andy.

People also raised the questions of course timetables, with information of lectures and events. Alsin stated that this does exist in word format on the wiki but agreed that it should be available in PDF format.

Time for Contact say Students
Printmaking reps are concerned that they are not recaiving enough contact time with tutors and that they felt a lot of the technicians were providing creative support that should be coming form course leaders. People in digital arts have said to me that they expected more from the course than they are getting although don't think this is a problem with contact time. As far as I am aware we see more of our tutor(s) than any other course. However, the issue of budget cuts was also discussed. The budget for this year was cut by a large amount compared to last year. If you would like me to raise issues regarding contact time and budgets for events etc then please let me know. It may also be wise to spek to Sara or Hasan (1st yrs) as they are likely to be able to continue this input after the summer. And they are less busy.

Final Show
The final show was also discussed. see the final show page for more details.

TRAIN will now be using the common room to exhibit at the final show. This seems completely bizzare considering I was told on three occasions, by the course leader and two students, that they were using the house gallery. The bar will now be run out of the kitchen area, which also seems completely random, as it will be too busy to get into the common room.

Alain will organise volunteers for the front desk area at the private view. A group of 12 part time students representing each group should take on 30 min slots. This will involve smiling at people and giving out maps, info and directions.

Alain and course leaders will oversee the curation of communal areas after seeing the proposals from students. They will attempt to link up individuals based on themes. He was confident that areas could be negotiated successfully. Any ‘unclaimed’ areas may be bid for after they have been identified, this should be possible up until the last miunte. Things should be ‘firmed up’ by the first week in May.

Alain is considering paying Dom (DA boxing chap) to provide technical and handyman support.

Volunteers are needed to organise events and speakers for show – it was felt that Saturday would be a good focus day for events. There is a budget for this. More information and appeal for volunteers needed by end of April. Alain will liaise with people interested in order to identify how events can be funded, tutors will be asked to encourage students to take part in this and make suggestions for speakers.

There is a group of people who will be desinging the website for the show. This will be based on the information you provided in the Exhibition Plan Form. They will be putting together signage and maps as well as labels. These will all be designed along a consistent theme.

I am responsible for liasing with Marketing to make sure they represent us in a satisfactory fashion. Doh!

Next Meeting 23rd April 2009.

Rep Meeting Thurs 5th March 2009

The Headlines Today

Shock Library Surgeries Starting At Wilson Rd
Libary staff are going to be running 'surgery' sessions in the near future to bring students up to speed on the various services that they offer. These will cover specific areas such as using the e-library, Athens, finding magazine & newspaper articles or finding images. Keep an eye on the main Camberwell wikispace and the notice boards at Wilson Rd for further details. They are going to take place in the LRC room at Wilson Rd.

The head of the library was present and was very positive about people using their services more frequently and generally getting the most out of what they offer. She was very open about any queries and welcomed people to pester library staff, who should be willing to help on the spot should you need anything.

No Show For Show Catalogue As Market Drops
Alain has pretty much given up on finding funding for an MAVA catalogue this year due to the financial crisis. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for how to resurrect the possibility, then let me know.

As it stands, the most popular approach is to invite students to pay £20/30 each to go towards the printing. No one in the meeting batted an eyelid at this, yet I appreciate that's rather steep considering the cost already incurred from being at University. The plan is to meet up next week to make some decisions and get the ball rolling with this.

Eerie Silence at Call For Volunteers
Things like catalogue design and fliers/promotional material will have to be done by a team of willing volunteers. The same goes for things like event management, publicity and fund raising. These things will be discussed further next week, but please don't all jump at once. I can hear you itching.

More Access To Equipment 'a long way off' say inside sources
Someone mentioned the lack of access to decent equipment, with the loan store waiting lists getting busier and busier. Unfortunately this fell on def ears and I was told that 'supply will never meet demand', a statement which is ludicrous. If anyone else is suffering the same problems please let me know, everyone else seemed to think that this wasn't an issue, although argued enough to make Alain note it down and keep an eye on the situation.

Bureaucracy Strangling Creativity say Students!
I brought up the issue of Andy always having to go to meetings, which seems to happen more often than not. Alain was sympathetic to this and mentioned that he would try harder to free up tutors on their respective teaching days. However, it's a bit of a catch 22 in that we benefit from him passing on information regarding the college as a whole. Wednesday afternoons in particular are often reserved for meetings are traditionally 'free time' for students. Not that I care about tradition and pointed out that our discussions sessions would be much more fruitful if Andy was to available.

In other news, research shows that meetings 'can be boring'.

Rep Meeting Thurs 5th Feb 2009

Camberwell Wikispace
Alain feels that the current structure of the Wiki space is a bit confusing and plans to have it updated. Having just looked at this, it appears Andy is already on the case. I'm still not 100% sure about this system - for example if schedule changes are made on the day of an event the ideal way of notifying people is via e-mail. Either way, I think the new layout is an improvement and if you've got any ideas or suggestions than pass them on to myself, or to Andy, which would actually be more direct.

Alain also mentioned a new resource centres page that they were adding, which should act as hub for all things resourceful. If there's any information about gaining access to facilities (or lack of), then you can share it here, as well as finding out about other areas of the college that you may not be familiar with.

There's also going to be a research page, which I think we already have on our own Wiki. This will include information about the research groups attached to UAL (i.e. Sciria/FADE), some of which may well relate to your own studies. Again, if there's anything you know about that's not up there, then feel free to add it.

Degree Show
See MA Final Show 2009
At the next meeting, in about a months time, we should have a floor/layout plan of the allocated spaces for the final show. From there, we will have to communicate with other pathways as to the trading of specific spaces if necessary. I'll keep you posted on this.

The forms that Alain discussed in Wednesdays meeting should be available to download within a week. This will include the dates of the final show and details of submission procedure should you require any space that is not delegated to a pathway. The document that Alain discussed will need to be handed in before Easter, probably in the week after Unit 1 finishes W/C 30th March).
(apaologies for this being a little vague, I'm still not 100% about how this works, but as soon as I am I'll let you know, or if you know, let me know!)

We need to start thinking about how responsibility is divided up in terms of the organisation of the show. There will need to be a marketing team (fliers, website, adverts, press etc.) and possibly a fundraising team. Alain also mentioned the possiblity of having an events team, who might be able to organise things like question and answer sessions, seminars/talks, special events etc. that run during the show. Unfortunately, I think everyone has to assume that they'll be doing something towards the collective effort, I don't just mean painting the studio. In particular for Digital Artists, we're looking for people to design/build a website that advertises the show, please don't all step forward at once. Also be aware that you'll need to to do a stint of invigilating at the show, so no fleeing to abroad after the hand in.

Come May/June, we'll need to start finalising the setup, things like technical support, equipment/resources will need to be divided across the pathways, so start thinking about what you might need (if anything) and when. Also, be aware that everything, including your own equipment, will need to be health and safety validated. We also discussed the hand in, although I'm not going to post an exact date until we have one.

We had two careers advisor's sit in on the meeting and they gave us an overview of what their roles were and how they might be abble to help and advise.

Enterprise Centre for Creative Arts (ECCA)
Primarily a web based organistaion, they offer advice and guidance about being freelance in the creative industries as well business start up information. They are giving a talk on 3rd March at Wilson Rd about self employment (free booze was also mentioned). We also discussed the possibility of a lecture covering funding applications from places such as the AHRC and the Arts Council, which they seemed pretty clued up. They can also offer advice on legal issues, such as intellectual property and copyright etc.

They might also offer advice on the promotion of the end of year show. They mentioned making money out of it, so maybe we should pay them a visit.

On their website you can sign up to a newsletter, which sounds pretty useful, I suggest check it out in general.

Chris Galloway
Chris is an employability adviser at UAL and offers more general (I think) career guidance to that of ECCA. If you're unsure about what direction you may go in after your studies, he may be a useful person to talk to.

They are running an event not/networking at Chelsea on 24th Feb (night before our deadline, doh!). This is a chance to meet fellow students and staff as well as recent graduates to discuss all things careers. There'll be UAL employability advisors there, as well as free booze!

They also mentioned the International Student Advice Office on the 1st floor at Davies Street, where you can get advice on working in the UK after you graduate. In particular, thiey mentioned the Graduate Work Visa, which entitles non EU graduates to work in the UK for a year after finishing college.

Wilson RD Space
Won't go into this too much, as it seems to be an issue for other courses more than oursleves, but people are frustrated by the use of space at the building, with many rooms empty a lot of the time. If you've got any isses here let em know. Alternatively, if you want to use spaces temporarily, perhaps to try out some work, you can contact John Carbery at j.carbery@arts.ac.uk. He's pretty helpful and knows whats going on in the building.

In light of Wednesdays debacle, which I know Andy is already on the warpath over, I mentioned the employment of a full time technician for Wilson Rd, who can manage all areas of the building, including the open access spaces. This question wasn't really answered (meaning 'no'), but our computers should be taken off the automated network, which is system that allows IT to manage comuters remotely and clearly doesn't work. This should mean that all software updates run through Andy and are therefore managed better.

Apparently WIFI is also on the way.

I think that covers it, any queries let me know.

The Student Union can help with the following:

organize events
They are willing to open up the bar with bar staff and everything including dj if we want. They even said they are willing to provide free drinks. This would be a great idea if we were to launch our work or something. This ofcourse shall be provided if we coordinate with other student reps to ensure that a lot of people come. We can also use the student bar as an exhibit space as well. If this is something you want, let me know so that I can coordinate with the other reps.

coordinate group shows outside of school or in the main university building (davies street)
The Davies Street showroom is really good. Many people from the 'art world' to buy work, and the university usually buys the work that will be exhibited. They said that they will get it curated by a 'big guy from the university' (his words not mine). He said though that the curator will be choosing from the work we send which is fair enough in my opinion. If this is something you want, again let me know and start a discussion. This way I can coordinate.

HI Katrin, i want to be part of this group show at the davies street. What i have to do? to send to you the images that i want to show? by mail or printed? please, let me know.
and about shows outside the university, do you think they could help us in the house gallery exhibition? maybe, if they could print the flayers for us, or help with money for we can pay the gallery space. just an idea. cheers. Adriano.
yeh, btw, thanks for all this thinks!

Outside the university is also another great opportunity. He didn't clarify where exactly, but that they'd help us organize it with outside galleries. Again, if you guys want this, lets start discussing it so I can talk to them about what you want.

Let us be heard
Any thoughts suggestions complaints about the university? Just let us know so we can let them know. Any feedback can be posted in the discussion page so I can forward it to them at the next meeting.

This is for everybody, f2f and onliners. Just start a discussion so we can make it happen:). (Katrin)