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Suggestions for Next cinema space chat:

Stephan Schneider (online) would like to put his film in the cinema, but does have his own space too. His film is 4.03 mins, but could be shortened to 2-3 mins. We need to make a decision about this soon so he can plan to use a monitor instead.

To make a decision it would help to know the combined length of all our films. How long is your film?

Alex - 3 mins max.
Julie - 2 mins max.
Phoebe - 2 mins max.
Emmet - 2-3 mins max.
Xiang - 3 mins max

Please give your opinion about Stephan using the space here, or simply a yes or no:

Alex - if we have a loop that runs for more than 15 mins then I think we shouldn't put Stephan's film in too, as time is an issue for the audience.
Julie - yes if the total loop time is under 15 mins, no otherwise.
Emmet - I agree also with the time.
Xiang - yes, i dont mind if stephan really need this cinema space.
Phoebe - Having seen stephen's film I can help thinking that it would perhaps be better suited being shown along side his work as it explains it rather than in the cinema space.

Please put your name on the list if you would like to use a shared cinema space

Alex Drawbridge
Phoebe Jeebe
Xiang Xu
Julie Gray (online)
Emmet O'Farrell

Please add ideas about how this space might be

Alex Drawbridge
I think that by putting our resources together we can achieve excellent projection and sound. I would like a dark space, painted black with a white screen, for top quality projection. I would also like to make the space comfortable for the audience to relax while viewing the work - I think this is a distinct advantage of the space.
I do not think headphones are needed because, through careful planning, we will be able to contain the sound.

Phoebe Jeebe
I agree with Alex.
If we get enough people interested, there is a chance that Andy can get us a dedicated room for this cinema space.
I'm assuming that we would need to make a single DVD that plays all the work on a loop.

Julie Gray (online)
I would like to be involved in the cinema space also. Alex makes a good point about having a comfortable space for the audience to relax and view the work.
Emmet O'Farrell
Absolutely I think we should create the space with its own autonomous environment, i.e more intimate and immersing than the main final show exhibition.

Xiang Xu
I think our cinema space should be a absolutely independent space compare with other's, and also i agree with using the dark space, i have checked the price of different type of black paper in our college shop, A1, A2(normal one) about 70p, sugar paper(quite thin) 13p, tissue paper (extremely thin) 12p, other A1, A2 (thicker one) about 1.25p, but also i think maybe we can buy some black curtain from Argos or IKEA, if the price is reasonable.

I found this from last year:
John Purcell Paper is not a shop – they sell wholesale. You can purchase a minimum of 25/50 sheets of one paper type (less if it is very expensive handmade paper)
Order by phone – free delivery to college - or go to the warehouse. They are well informed about paper and like students. The more you buy the cheaper it is.
John Purcell Paper
15 Rumsey Road
London SW9 0TR
T: 020 7737 5199
F: 020 7737 6765

This is our Data Projector, Epson EMP-S3, i have tested it, works well.