Thanks for adding your ideas and votes. I have consolidated the votes below.

The leaflet has received the most votes. Also, Jon is starting to put the website together.

Please see below (Julie Gray, online, 1 June 21.00hrs)

Leaflet: 10 votes
Booklet: 2 votes
Website: 3 votes
Business cards/postcards: 2 votes


Deadline: Wednesday 30 May
Here you can vote for leaflet or booklet.
Type your name and course under leaflet or booklet:


Ioannis Svarnias (online)
Rachel Willis (online)
Paul Daulby (FT)
Alex Drawbridge pt2
L.Yasmin Paracha (Online)
Julie Gray (Online)
Patsy Wong (Online)
Maria Mantikou (pt2)
Neil Bradley (Online)
Emmet O'Farrell (FT)


Ge Song(FT)
Stephan Schneider (online)


Paul Sewter (pt2) My preference is for a good website & business cards -
Rachael Maddock (online) - agree with Paul although quite fancy the idea of postcards and/or business cards. Probably need some sort of general card with the layout of the exhibition and artist's details.
Phoebe Jeebe (PT2) I think a website is best

Other info:

Jon has volunteered to do the website and I am very happy to help get the contents collated and web ready. The printed item (whatever it will be) should have the web address clearly on it. (Julie Gray, Online).

A suggestion - I'd like to volunteer to do the printed item working with whatever design we go for. I do printed stuff in work so hope that would help :)
(Julie Gray online)

I'm also just wondering might be the best way to pay for the printed stuff - any ideas how we might pay a printing firm, online account or whatever printing option we go for? Anyone know how last years students did it? (Julie Gray online)

I would also like to volunteer to help out with the website and printed item... So Jon, Julie: Let me know in what areas you would like some help... Neil :)