I have consolidated the votes below, its very close. Thanks to everyone for their work on the logos and for voting. Logo Ioannis's 5A has received the most votes. Please see below (Julie Gray, online)

It's a great logo!!!!!!

Logo voting closes on friday june 1st at 6pm -- voting now closed

Please add your name and course and the name of the student and the number of your preferred logo:
1 vote per student.
1 logo per vote

Phoebe votes for Xiang both 01 for leaflet / invite and 02 if we do a CD
Rachael M votes for Ioannis' 05a (or 04a -second pref)
Paul D votes for Julie Gray (03)
Paul S votes for Xiang 01
Rachel W votes for Ioannis '05a
Julie Gray votes for Ioannis '05a
Alex votes for julie gray 05
Sarah B votes for Song (white dvd background) (red leaflet)
Stephan S votes for Ioannis' 04a
Yasmin votes for Ioannis ' 05a'
Remi P votes for Xiang 01
Neil Bradley (online) - Ioannis 05a
Maria-Ioannis 09
Jon for....Ioannis
Su votes for loannis 05b
Ian votes for Xiang 01

Consolidating the votes, 21.00hrs June 1st

Thanks to everyone for adding your work on the logos and votes, I've added a quick recap of the results:

Xiang 01, Xiang 01, Xiang 01, Xiang 01 (01=4 votes)
Ioannis 05a, 05a, 05a, 04a, 05a, 05a, 09, 05b, (04a=1, 05a=5 votes, 05b=1, 09=1) I have not included the vote 'Jon for ...Ioannis'
Julie Gray 03, 05
Song white dvd

Its pretty close, looks like we are going with Ioannis's 5A (Julie Gray, online)